"Who Brought The Killa Salsa?"

Some of the best conversations happen at the salsa table. #Facts

Started in Seattle, improved in Austin, and perfected in Vancouver, WA. 

Killa Salsa Reviews

If I'm being honest, I ate the first jar so fast, that I've been in an internal moral debate about whether I want to be greedy and down that 2nd jar, or share it. 


Flavors that bite, but a tad of sweetness to say sorry at the same time. I can’t explain the joy that is happening inside my mouth right now


This is the In & Out of Salsa...I’m hooked, where can I buy T-shirt’s that I’ll only wear when I have to paint something?


Thank You From MarkLIVE!

I would of never imagined 14 years ago, the idea to make a salsa out of nowhere at my dads house, would be craved worldwide today.

Big shoutout to everyone within the first 12 years of the salsa's journey. Without your invaluable feedback, the salsa wouldn't be where it is today. 

Now the rest of the world has the opportunity to enjoy the best salsa on the planet, delivered.

Thank You 🤙🏼

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